They’re Just Rehearsing

  • Bernardo Carvalho
  • Rex P. Nielson Brigham Young University
Keywords: Bernardo Carvalho, short story, Brazil


They’re just rehearsing. At the same time as the two actors exit the left wing andmove across the platform towards the center of the stage, a man enters the darkhall, and with him, a flicker of five o’clock light through the crack in the door leftajar, separating the auditorium and the street, where the day continues its coursewith a buzzing of horns, motors, and sirens. The director, in the fifth row, reacheswith his hand, touching the thigh of his assistant, to say something in her ear, whilethe lighting tech interrupts the joke he was whispering to the technician by his sideon the mezzanine now that the scene has started again. . .