Apocalipse Queer como teatro total em António Variações e David Bowie

  • Luis Carlos S. Branco Universidade de Aveiro
Keywords: Apocalyptic songwriting, Jacques Derrida, Portugal, Portuguese music


In this essay, I analyze the oeuvre and performance of the Portuguese singer and songwriter António Variações, in parallel with David Bowie. I examine the apocalypse queer imaginary present in their work and artistic personas. In different decades and countries, both were interventional in gender issues. For this, they used ancient apocalyptic universes in their musical work, instilling them with a personal and queer postmodern vision. To some extent, both were—Variations in Portugal in the 1980s and Bowie in England in the 1970s—apocalyptic gay messiahs. I examine the lyrics of two of their most significant songs in the fin-desiècle context, using José Bragança de Miranda’s and Jacques Derrida’s theories about the apocalyptic to frame them.