Nitheroy, Revista Brasiliense (1836): A Political Bridge Between Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and Hispanic America

  • Marcelo Lotufo Brown University
Keywords: Romanticism, Latin America, Brazil, Gonçalves de Magalhães, literature and politics


Nitheroy: Revista Brasiliense de sciencias, lettras, e artes (Paris, 1836), is usually taken as the starting point of Brazil’s Romantic movement. The magazine, however, was primarily concerned not with literature but with the "modernization" of a recently independent Brazil. This essay focuses on the magazine in order to understand the role of literature in early nineteenth-century Brazilian politics. Approaching Brazilian Romanticism as inherently political serves to link nineteenth-century Brazilian literature to other Latin American literary movements of the period, and a re-examination of Nitheroy helps to bridge the gap that has historically separated Brazilian and other Latin American Romantic movements. 

Author Biography

Marcelo Lotufo, Brown University

Marcelo F. Lotufo is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Brown University. His research focuses on Latin American intellectual history and early nineteenth-century Brazilian and Argentine literature. He has published articles in Hispania and Arte 21, and he has also published several reviews in Brasil/Brazil