'Conversações do Papel e Para o Papel': Ressonâncias Machadianas na Obra de Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Marcelo Diego


I this essay, I discuss the place of Machado de Assis within the Brazilian literary system by comparing and contrasting his work with that of Carlos Drummond de Andrade. In order to do so, I outline four types of dialogue between the two authors. The first is the profession of faith—the poem in which Drummond reveals Machado to be his literary addressee. The second is poetico-existential identification; that is, a commonality between the two regarding worldview, which gains form through an aesthetic conception. The third is a "resumption of paradigms," or the reoccurrence of images, techniques, and themes from Machado's fiction within Drummond's poetics. The fourth, finally, is the "resumption of syntagmata," the reoccurrence of textual quotations of or direct allusion to Machado's fiction in Drummond's poetics.


Brazilian literature; intertextuality; intratextuality; literary systems; tradition

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21471/jls.v1i2.63

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