Luiz Ruffato’s Narrative Art Installation: The Multiplicities of Eles eram muitos cavalos

  • Marguerite Itamar Harrison Smith College
Keywords: three-dimensional, multiperspectival, participatory, art installation, formal innovation


This essay studies the ways in which Amazonian artist Roberto Evangelista’s art installation Ritos de Passagem served as Brazilian author Luiz Ruffato’s structural and thematic model for his revolutionary book Eles eram muitos cavalos. According to Ruffato’s interpretation, Evangelista’s installation represents a tangible, three-dimensional form that renders socioeconomic hardship and impoverishment within a consumer-ravaged society. In applying this model to Ruffato’s work of fiction, this essay aims to emphasize his focus on formal and narrative innovations within what Anne Ring Petersen defines as a “multiperspectival approach.” This approach allows Ruffato’s text to take on threedimensional volume and invite the participatory action of the viewer/reader.