Latin American Dialogues during the Cold War: The magazines Cadernos Brasileiros and Mundo Nuevo

  • Thayse Lima University of Maryland
Keywords: Circulation, Latin American integration, Cold War, Mundo Nuevo, Cadernos Brasileiros


This article examines the relationship between the magazines Cadernos Brasileiros (1959 - 1970) and Mundo Nuevo (1967 - 1971) in the 1960s and 70s. During this time, they formed a system of cooperation involving the exchange of articles and information, and the elaboration of joint issues. These colaborations were facilitated by their affiliation to the ILARI (Instituto Latinoamericano de Relaciones Internacionales), a cultural institution secretly financed by the CIA and created to support the spread of US values during the Cold War. In this piece, I discuss processes of South-South exchange by examining the triangulation of Brazilian and Spanish American cultural relations, which in the case studied, relied on material and logistical support of the United States.