The Urban Space of Mafalala: Origin, Evolution, and Characterization

  • Nuno Simão Gonçalves University of Coimbra/University Eduardo Mondlane
Keywords: Mozambique, Maputo, Architecture, Urban studies


In this article, I consider the origin and urban evolution of Mafalala. Mafalala’s interaction with the colonial city generated synapses that fostered the creation of unique cultural environments from which emerged notable personalities of national artistic, sports and political importance. The material and immaterial heritage condensed in Mafalala is immense and encapsulates a considerable part of the history of Mozambique. 

Author Biography

Nuno Simão Gonçalves, University of Coimbra/University Eduardo Mondlane
Nuno Simão Gonçalves is a doctoral student at the Centro de Estudos Sociais (Coimbra) working on Heritages of Portuguese Influence with co-supervision at the University of Eduardo Mondlane.