De individualidade ao coletivo: uma conversação com Lydia Okumura e Genilson Soares

  • Tobi Maier Independent Scholar
Keywords: Institutional critique, aesthetics, collectivity, Brazil, São Paulo


São Paulo-based artists Francisco Iñarra (1947-2009), Lydia Okumura (1948-), and Genilson Soares (1940-) started exhibiting collectively in 1970, first under the name Equipe 3 and, after Okumura’s departure to New York in 1974, under the name Arte/Ação. Working collectively in the medium of installation, these artists innovated the language of institutional critique within the Brazilian context until their dissolution in 1977. This interview, conducted by Tobi Maier in 2014 in São Paulo, was completed via correspondence in 2019.