Livros e filhos: políticas de gênero e imaginação sociocultural da infância nas colunas de Clarice Lispector

  • Alejandra J. Josiowicz Universidad de Buenos Aires
Keywords: Motherhood, child-rearing, press culture, gender, cultural studies, Brazil, literature


This article studies the way in which the women’s pages Clarice Lispector wrote between 1959 and 1961 for Correio da Manhã, under the pen name of Helen Palmer, and as ghost writer for fashion model Ilka Soares for Diário da Noite, reveal a transformation in the sociocultural imagination of childhood. In these columns, published in newspapers of wide circulation, Lispector’s interest in child psychology, as well as her ideas about motherhood and child-rearing, become quite apparent. The women’s pages crafted by Lispector unveil a social and historical paradigm shift in parental roles in line with the wider process of modernization, new consumption practices, and novel ideas about subjectivity that emerge during the 1960s in Brazil.