A especularidade na produção jornalística de Clarice Lispector

  • Mariângela Alonso Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Mise-en-abyme, A quinta história, mirrors, prism, otherness


This article aims to understand the narrative technique of mise-enabyme in Clarice Lispector’s short story “A quinta história” (published in A legião estrangeira (1964)). Here Lispector quickly builds variations on the same argument, a sort of unfolding of stories that succeed each other, originating in the same idea: how to kill cockroaches. Based on the studies of Lucien Dällenbach and Verónique Labeille among others, the article confronts the versions of A quinta história in the periodicals Casa e Jardim and Senhor, focusing on mise-enabyme as the seminal and questioning force of Lispector’s work.