Novels and Short Stories from Macau: Two Different Perspectives

  • José Suárez University of Northern Colorado
Keywords: Miscegenation, colonialism, coloniality, fetish, subaltern


Critical studies about the Macanese and their literature in the former Portuguese colony of Macau have been scant. Novelists like Austin Coates (City of Broken Promises, 1967) from Great Britain and Henrique de Senna Fernandes (A trança feiticeira, 1993) from Macau, as well as short story writers Deolinda da Conceição (Macau) and Maria Ondina Braga (Portugal), depict life in colonial Macau. While the plots of these works display similarities, Coates’s and Braga’s perspectives are filtered through the lenses of European colonialism and Fernandes and da Conceição work through the legacy of coloniality.