Shellhorse, Adam Joseph. Anti-Literature: The Politics and Limits of Representation in Modern Brazil and Argentina. U of Pittsburgh P, 2017

  • Odile Cisneros University of Alberta
Keywords: Clarice Lispector, David Viñas, antropofagia


This volume's ambition is to respond to major interpretations of Latin American literature—such as Ángel Rama's Transculturación narrativa en América Latina (1982), John Beverley’s Against Literature (1993) and Testimonio (2004), Alberto Moreiras's Tercer espacio (1999), and Brett Levinson's The Ends of Literature (2001)—and to define the contours of this counter-tradition conceived as "a multidisciplinary, minoritarian, and multimedial 'body' of writing that produces affects and new modes of perception" (7).