Transnational and Counternational Queer Agencies in Lusophone Cultures: Introduction

  • Anna M. Klobucka University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
  • César Braga-Pinto Northwestern University
Keywords: Portuguese, nonnormative, subjectivity, nationalism


This special issue of the Journal of Lusophone Studies was devised with the aim of addressing issues of (nonnormative) gender and (queer) sexuality in relation to travel, translation, transnational friendships and relationships, posturing and imitation, contagion, promiscuity, and other related themes across the spectrum of modern Luso-Afro-Brazilian literatures and cultures from the nineteenth century onward. Collectively, the editors and contributors are particularly interested in considering the ways in which queer subjectivities and agencies have counteracted triumphant versions of the nation and nationalism that seek to foreclose any alternatives to patriarchal and heteronormative fictions of progress and homogeneous identity.