Amaral, Ana Luisa. The Art of Being a Tiger: Poems by Ana Luísa Amaral, translated by Margaret Jull Costa with an introduction by Paulo de Medeiros, Liverpool UP, 2016.

Hilary Owen


There is nothing diminished or softened about The Art of Being a Tiger. It is always a rare pleasure to find an anthology of one’s favorite poems by one of the towering figures of contemporary Portuguese poetry, Ana Luísa Amaral. To find it in a bilingual edition alongside sensitive, probing, and insightful English translations by Margaret Jull Costa is even better. This edition by Aris and Phillips performs the long overdue task of making Amaral’s poetry available to an Anglophone readership, the first full-scale volume dedicated solely to her work, although isolated examples by other translators have appeared on internet sites.


Ana Luísa Amaral, poetry, translation, english

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