A Conversation with Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa

  • Sophia Beal Tulane University
Keywords: Mozambique, novel, Africa, Post-colonialism, power


The author of six books, Khosa’s career took off with the 1987 publication of Ualalapi. The text won the Grand Prize of Mozambican Fiction in 1990, and in 2002, a panel of judges in Accra, Ghana ranked Ualalapi one of the 100 best works of African fiction of the 20th century. Next, Khosa published two collections of short stories, Orgia dos Loucos (1990) and Histórias de Amor e Espanto (1993), followed by the novel No Reino dos Abutres (2002). His novel Os Sobreviventes da Noite (2005), a portrayal of the use of child soldiers and child concubines in the Mozambican war of destabilization, won the José Craveirinha Award in 2007. This interview primarily focuses on Khosa’s most recent novel, Choriro, published in 2009 by the Mozambican publishing house Alcance.

Author Biography

Sophia Beal, Tulane University
Sophia Beal is a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at Tulane University in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, affiliated with the Program for African and African Diaspora Studies. She earned her PhD in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies in 2010 from Brown University. In 2005, Beal completed a Fulbright grant in Maputo where she studied Mozambican literature. Her recent work focuses on questions concerning urban development and public works in 20th-century Brazilian fiction.