Entre metáforas e epifanias: a (trans)formação de identidades em Sergio Y. vai à América

  • Lidiana de Moraes University of Miami
Keywords: LGBTQ representations, transsexuality, Brazil, immigration, Alexandre Vidal Porto


In the present essay, I argue that despite the conservative ideals espoused by the narrator of Alexandre Vidal Porto's Sergio Y. vai à América (2014), it is precisely within these conflictive and contradicting thoughts that one finds a critique of heteronormativity. In other words, while Vidal Porto seems not to address problems regularly addressed in the field of queer and gender studies, his omission of queer performativity and any empowering discourse for the transgender community is a strategy he employs to interrogate how conservative societies such as Brazil define sex, sexual identity, social practices, and queer space.

Author Biography

Lidiana de Moraes, University of Miami
Lidiana de Moraes is a PhD student in Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies at the University of Miami. Her research interests include subaltern studies (focused on gender, race, and ethnicity), postcolonial settings in the Lusophone world, cinema and media studies, and comparative literature. She has published essays on postcolonialism, translation studies, and contemporary Luso-Brazilian literatures and film.