Para além do colonizado e do subalterno: masculinidade num poema de Francisco José Tenreiro

  • Mário César Lugarinho Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Colonialism, subalternity, new man, masculinities, poetry


This essay examines the formation of masculine identities in the colonial context of Portuguese-speaking African literatures. It does so by considering the dialectic of the colonizer/colonized in relation to hegemonic and non-hegemonic masculinities and the emergence of the "new man" in the Estado Novo and African national liberation movements.

Author Biography

Mário César Lugarinho, Universidade de São Paulo
Mário César Lugarinho is Associate Professor of Lusophone African literatures at the University of São Paulo (Brazil). He is the author of several journal articles and chapters in books on the following issues: African and post-colonial studies, and gender and queer studies (with an emphasis on men’s studies).