Cabral, Amilcar. Resistance and Decolonization, translated and edited by Dan Wood, with an introduction by Reiland Rabaka, Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.

  • Charles Peterson Oberlin College


The heart of this book are the aspects of Cabral’s thought and work revealed in Wood’s translations. The leading voices of the tradition of Africana critical theory often wrote themselves out of their professional/disciplinary perspectives. This holds true for Cabral. In these pages, there are a series of lectures delivered by Cabral to the PAIGC cadres. As an agronomist for the Portuguese government, Cabral’s analysis of the possibilities of Guinean agrarian development was a factor in his commitment to a national liberation struggle. In this, we see the unique quality of Cabral’s thought, the dynamics of his role as commander, and glimpses into his character and humanity.